Monday, 26 November 2007


Wow! 1000 hits that's great! So here as promised is my very first blog candy.
The lucky winner will receive a musical greeting card device playing Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Santa unmounted rubber stamp, stocking unmounted rubber stamp, Christmas tree unmounted rubber stamp and a holly sprig unmounted rubber stamp.

All I want you to do is to tell me by leaving me a comment,
"What would be your perfect Christmas".
You have until Sunday evening to leave your comment and then I will announce the winner.

Good luck everyone!


  1. Spending Christmas with my husband and family, having a great time. Have a lay in, no phone calls, great food and good company. Oh and of course lots of new crafting goodies to play with.

  2. Time with family and someone else doing the cooking.
    I would just want to be opening pressies and eating and drinking.
    Thanks for the offer of candy
    Janette x

  3. My perfect Christmas would be spent on a beach in the tropics with my daughter, hubby, and parents. Well, if this is a fantasy, my cat would also be there too!! :)
    Cheryl KVD

  4. I want to start Christmas day at a church service with a choir and orchestra playing beautiful music. Then I'd want my whole family to come over as always, but this time I want an excellent catering service to prepare the meal and clean up afterwards:)

  5. I would love to wake up to a sunny day, the smell of Turkey cooking (not by me) and not to forget the cherries rolled in bacon(a tradition) and to spend the day with a healthy Husband, my 2 kids and 4 Grandchildren. I just want to relax after a hectic 2007.
    Luv ja

  6. Hey don't know why I came up as anonymous!!

  7. my ideal Christmas this year will be hopefully with my mum, dad, brother and new hubby, although my mum goes into hospital for an op the week before so we just have to keep fingers crossed that she is home

  8. Congrats on 1000 hits! Love your creative and talented artwork. Wow your celebration candy is AWESOME....Count me in!
    The perfect Christmas?
    Being a kid again! That way you get everything without PAYING FOR IT and doing ALL THE WORK!
    Thanks for a chance.

  9. I'm working. Boo hOO! I can have christmas on the weekend.

    Beth F

  10. My perfect Christmas is being at home with my husband and kids - watching them all opening their presents and seeing the Wow's and ooh's and aahh's and You shouldn't have's on their faces - sipping my glass of bubbly whilst cooking the dinner, sitting down with a really good book and curled up in front of the fire playing games. Guess what - I'll be doing all that again this year I hope!!

  11. OOOOOOOOOh Candy, what a generous lady you are. the musical thingy would be great to make a card for my Ba Humbug O/H

    susie xx

  12. Opening pressies in bed with my husband and children, followed by a chocolate breakfast, church, then a wonderful Chrismas dinner (prepared by an even more wonderful husband) - with the christmas faries clearing up after all of us! LOL


  13. Thnaks for the chance to win your goodies. :) Congratulations on your 1000th post. :) :)

    I would love all our family to get together with my mum and spend the festive season together, being happy and merry and bringing in the New Year together too - that would make my year.
    We all live scattered across England, N.Ireland, Scotland and Spain so it would be a dream come true. :)

    Debbie x

  14. Hi Julie:

    I have you linked up here:


  15. I love xmas ....THe whole family getting together is great and of course all my new toys to play with ...hhehehehe ( this year i have asked for lots of diff stamp set and punches ) never know what SANTA might bring me ...Ive been good (most of the time) ;) Have a great day !!! Love your blog by the way ...Im off to check more of it out .....