Friday, 30 January 2009

Caught in Crystal Video!

caught in crystal part 2

I hope these videos work. It has taken me most of the day to get it on my blog!

It is very basic, I have alot to learn so I hope you will bear with me.


part 1

caught in crystal part 1

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Playing Cards Pryamage!

Hello everyone!
I made this quick birthday card for my brother-in-laws birthday using my pryamage CD.

Thanks for looking!


Monday, 26 January 2009

Class Card

Today's card is last weeks class card.
It's the Caught in Crystal Technique, one of my

Stamps; montage style from Inkadinkado,
verse from Stamp To Your Arts Content,
dots from DeNami.
Punches; 3 flower punches from Woodware.
Ribbon; pink organza.
Card; main card ice white gold, two shades of pink Bazzill
& silver.
Vellum down the centre of the card,
background paper from Magenta called
foliage & butterflies.

The insert has been stippled with pastel pink
chalk ink pad.
I then stamped the dots across the bottom of the card using the same pink chalk pad.

I stippled and stamped across the bottom of the
envelope the same as the insert.

I have been thinking of doing some video tutorials
what do you think!

See you all tomorrow


Sunday, 25 January 2009

No Cards Today!

Sorry but I don't have any cards to share with you all today.
I took Adele to the pantomime to see Billy Pearce in Cinderella.
It was absolutely fantastic!
We had glasses to were for part of the performance as there were ghosts, spiders,
fireball and a horse & coach floating towards us, it was great!

Can't wait until the next time when it will be Jack & the Beanstalk.

See you all tomorrow!


Saturday, 24 January 2009

Aother Art Deco Lady & Tabby!

I thought you would like to see Tabby our other stray cat, this photo was taken a couple of weeks ago. We have had a good talk about him over the last few days and decided to keep him as part of the family. We could not part with him now, we love him too much!

Most of you know he was in a huge fight last weekend and he has not been himself all week. He had a slight eye injury which turned quite nasty by Thursday. So we phoned the vets yesterday and made arrangements to take him down this morning. Tabby has got a badly infected eye and paw so he had to have an injection of antibiotics and a course of tablets. The vet squeezed his eye and all this pus came out, it was horrible!
For a stray cat he behaved extremely well at the vets, I was so proud of him!
We also found out that he is only a year old.
When he has recovered the next step will be to have him seen to and get some pet insurance this time!

I could not resist doing another Art Deco lady card today!

Think I will get allot of use out of this CD.

Have a great day everyone!


Friday, 23 January 2009

Black & White Art Deco Lady

Good morning every one!
I thought I would get today's card on before I go to work.

When I went to the N.E.C. last November I bought the Art Deco
Timeless Keepsakes CD and it has been sat in my craft room ever since.
So I thought I had better use it!
I really love all of the images on this CD and hope to get some more cards made soon.

Enjoy looking at the card!

Have a great day


Thursday, 22 January 2009

Oliver's Birthday Card

I made this birthday card for Oliver's first birthday
which was last Saturday.
I used the Boys & Girls Cd from
Crafters Companion.

I had fun putting this card together!
I like doing decoupage so long as it is not to

Have a great day everyone!


Monday, 19 January 2009

Pansy Card

Today's card is what I made for last Tuesday's class.
We did watercolouring & felt pens.
Stamps are from Penny Black.
The background of the card, insert & envelope
have all been stippled with lavender &
wisteria chalk ink pads (you can't see this from the photo very well).
Lilac corners have been punched out of vellum.

I have used my water colour crayons on the large stamp
and everything else has been coloured with
my copic pens.
I then finished off with a bit of glitter!

Hope you enjoy looking at my card!

It is raining quite heavily here and is very dull
& miserable a great day for crafting!


Sunday, 18 January 2009

Elegant Ladies!

Today's card is a pryamage card, elegant ladies.
Back paper is vellum.
Copper brads.

Kitty update!
She is doing ok, she is very steady on her feet and just eats
when she feels like it.
She only goes outside for a while now and again.

We had a right night last night with the cats. As some of you know we have another
cat called Tabby who is a part time visitor to our house. He is another stray
but he is a very young cat and he likes to be outside.
But last night about midnight we could hear a lot of yowling,
Tabby and another cat were having a huge scrap and we could do nothing about it as we could not get near them. After it was all over he came to our back door at about 1am this morning
in a right mess. He had got injuries to his eye, neck on both sides and his foot, so while we were looking after Tabby and cleaning him up Kitty wants to go outside.
So of she goes and does not come back for ages, Tabby is asleep on his cushion and
my white shirt is covered in blood.
So we did not get to bed until after 2.30am and I am now tired.
Tabby has visited us today and he is very subdued, poor thing I just hope he is ok.


Friday, 16 January 2009

Another Award

I have received another award from the lovely Rina.
Thank you, you are so kind!

I would like to pass this award onto;


Enjoy girls!


I received this award from Erin, thank you very much:-).

I'm supposed to list 5 of my obsessions, then pass the award along to 5 other fabulous blogs.

1 My family.
2 Crafting.
3 I just love spending time in my craft room every day.
4 I love looking a other peoples blogs every day, there are so many talented people out there.
5 I love to cook.

I would like to pass this award on to;


Enjoy girls!

Cute Little Bear Birthday Card!

Hello everyone, I am sorry I have not been around for a while but I have been
really busy tiding my craft room and of course house work.

For today's card I have used a new stamp that I had for Christmas.
The balloons have been glittered but that does not show up very well.

Have a great evening!


Thursday, 8 January 2009

CD Photo Cube!

Hello everyone, today's project is a photo cube made out of Cd's!
The idea came from here.

I had great fun putting this project together but I did find that my Cd's did
not want to snap together very well.
Also the card base is a very tight fit and mine has split on one corner.
I will certainly make another one but I think I will have to modify it a bit!

I am going to make some more mini books this year to go in my photo cube and
it will take pride of place on my coffee table this year!
Edit; Yes you can change your pages, you just pop the cd apart. Mind you
I don't know how many time you could take it apart before something broke!
Enjoy your evening!


Monday, 5 January 2009

WII Boy Birthday Card


Sorry I have not been around much over the last few days
We are all back to work now and Adele is back at collage and Jake is
back to school.
I have got my first card making class tomorrow so I am busy preparing for that.
I have had a few emails and awards given over the last few days
so I will get down to that this week.

Today's card is a digital download from Victoria Case
I just love this image.
Background paper is from Studio K.
Blue Bazzill card embossed with the Cuttle Bug Happy Birthday die.
Green card from Bazzill.
Super Mario poster image from the Internet.
Green ribbon from my scrap box.
Corners, can't remember where I got them from.
The main card is white.

I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who visits my little old blog!
It really makes my day special when I see people have been to visit.
I have had a great first year!

Hope you enjoy looking at the card.