Sunday, 18 January 2009

Elegant Ladies!

Today's card is a pryamage card, elegant ladies.
Back paper is vellum.
Copper brads.

Kitty update!
She is doing ok, she is very steady on her feet and just eats
when she feels like it.
She only goes outside for a while now and again.

We had a right night last night with the cats. As some of you know we have another
cat called Tabby who is a part time visitor to our house. He is another stray
but he is a very young cat and he likes to be outside.
But last night about midnight we could hear a lot of yowling,
Tabby and another cat were having a huge scrap and we could do nothing about it as we could not get near them. After it was all over he came to our back door at about 1am this morning
in a right mess. He had got injuries to his eye, neck on both sides and his foot, so while we were looking after Tabby and cleaning him up Kitty wants to go outside.
So of she goes and does not come back for ages, Tabby is asleep on his cushion and
my white shirt is covered in blood.
So we did not get to bed until after 2.30am and I am now tired.
Tabby has visited us today and he is very subdued, poor thing I just hope he is ok.



  1. Poor you, hope you catch up on the old sleep tommorrow. Glad Kitty doing ok, Tabby needs a curfew lol, don't they make a horrible noise. Love your card, haven't done any pyramage yet, looks complicated! Heidi xxx

  2. did have a night of it last night...hope there's no fighting again tonight for you,and that tabby is being a good boy..poor thing..sounds like he's getting better now.

    your card is lovely hun,very elegant..i did one of these last week in class..must remember to upload it.
    hope your well,hugs clare x

  3. This card is just stunning and so so eleagant....Love it thanks for sharing!!!!

  4. Very nice card. man sounds like a real time with the cats outside! Hope you got some rest last night.

  5. What a stunning card Julie. There is nothing worse than the sound of cats fighting. I agree with the curfew hehe. Hope you get some sleep tonight. Hugs

  6. a great card julie love the image and backing papers.
    i hope the cats have stopped singing