Thursday, 23 July 2009

Sad News

Sadly Kitty passed away at the vets just a short while ago.
This photo was taken last weekend of her sat in a cardboard box.
Needles to say we are all so upset by this.
It seems she was quite poorly but they did there best for her.
I am just sorry we could not have been with her at the end.

bye for now

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

First Go At Pergamano!

Hello everyone!
I thought I would share with you all today my very first attempt at pergamano.
It's not brilliant but I am sure I will get better with practice.
I only started learning a few weeks ago and I am just finishing my third card.
So I will share them soon.

We have to go to the vets tomorrow with Kitty as she is not well again.
She is not eating and is in some discomfort when we pick her up.
She is a poorly puss anyway as her heart rate is that fast the vet cannot count
the beats and is on medication and monthly blood tests.
I shall keep you posted.


Thursday, 16 July 2009

Clare's Birthday Card + Link To New Class List!

I made this card for my good friend Clare for her birthday the other week!
Papers are from Magenta and the stamp is Penny Black.

Sorry I have not been round much lately I have just been very busy uploading items
in my shop, preparing for my classes, school fair and family.
I have just finished working on a new set of classes to be held on a Saturday morning
at Montgomer Hall in Wath.

Please click here to see new class list!

Have a great day everyone!