Sunday, 31 August 2014

DT post

Hi everyone - hope your week has been good. Seems like the weather is going to pick up for a few days.
We are staying with Keith's Mum for another few days, waiting for things to be sorted for her to move into a care home as her Alzeihmers is getting worse & she can no longer cope. We have tried having her at home but she gets even more confused as to where she is. It's all sad but we feel the best place for her now is a care home that can give her 24 hour care. Anyhow I do have my laptop with me so tried doing a digi card.
I have used the lovely images from Adele Bradshaw at Jiggery Makery to make another digital card.
The images are so easy to manipulate. I have used them in Craft Artist.
I coloured the face image in paint first, then imported into CA. Imported the flowers & gave them coloured outlines, adding shadows to them to give depth.
Added the sentiment & the card is good to print. You can print multiples off to decoupage the flowers.
Thanks for stopping by,
Bev xx

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Design Team Makes

Good afternoon everyone...Genny here. My first make for the design team this week features an apron. When I was looking at the flowers and wondering what to make, I was reminded of a pinny that I had as a little I decided to make one. I reduced the size of the design to create a border and then cut it into an apron shape. i then repeated the shape in a darker blue card. I coloured the design with my copics and put both together. I went round the  whole design with a white pen to create a faux stitch effect. I then added some green ribbon. I cut some spoon shapes,coloured them with my cpoics and added them to the pocket.

My next creation came to me while I was sitting looking at a pile of the flowers that I had cut out. I decided to make a piece of art for the wall. I cut out two heart shapes and covered them with coloured flowers. A really simple thing but it looked good. It's going to hang on the stairs wall.

The picture below shows yet another of my handbag creations. I used yet another of my handbag templates...I didn't realise that I had so made it to match with the apron..using the dark blue and white daisies. I added a diecut butterfly, coloured to match the ribbon. This template makes this tiny handbag a gift bag as well..perfect  to put a small gift such as a bracelet in. When you look at the price of gift bags in the shops it makes so much sense to make your own. I'm sure that Julie here at JB CraftingSupplies will be able to source some templates or boards for you

Well I hope that you like this weeks selection of makes. I hope that you all had a fabulous bank holiday weekend. So until next time..take care and happy crafting

Sunday, 24 August 2014

DT post

Hi everyone - hope you are enjoying the long weekend, whatever you're doing. 
The weather here is very mixed, more like April than August! Keith keeps complaining it's cold but seeing as I have my own internal heating at the moment I have to keep putting my fan on! The joys of age eh - lol!
After liking how the shrink plastic turned out last week I thought the lovely flower images from Adele would be good as jewellery.
Printed the images onto the shrink plastic again, coloured them in & heated with my heat gun - remembering to punch a hole before the heat part!
I used some shepherd's crook earring findings & some chain & jump rings to make some lovely 'dangly' earrings, then chain, jump rings & a clasp to make a flower charm bracelet. I love them & all matching with my handbag charm.
Thanks for taking the time to stop by, if you need to ask me anything you can message me on my Facebook page or on JB Crafting Supplies page.
Bev xx

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Design team Post

Good afternoon everyone..Genny here. This week I have been using the wonderful and versatile digi designs by Adele at Jiggery Makery. I have been lucky enough to be given them by Julie here at Jb-Crafting Supplies to make some items for the design team. Oh I love to play with flowers.
My first card is using the flowers to decorate the frame. I thought that this would be a nice card to send to someone who was having a difficult time..we all have them and it's always nice to know that someone is thinking of us. The leaves and frame were from my stash...if you check out the goodies that Julie has in stock you will always find something similar. The flowers and leaves I have coloured using my copic markers.

My second project using the flowers was this handbag card. This handbag I made using a board from my stash..there are lots of similar bags around..either on a board or using a template. The nice thing about this bag is that it works as a giftbag, allowing you to put a small gift inside. I know so many of my lady friends that have a passion for handbags and shoes..this would be perfect for them.

My last project features the flower that I zentangled last week in black and white. I was asked if you could zentangle something when it had been coloured. I said of course..and here is one that I have coloured in different shades of pink.I coloured the flower first using my copics and then zentangled over the top

Well that's me for this week..I have had so much fun creating using these flowers..I'm sure that there are many more ideas floating around. I hope that you all have a fantastic until next time..take care and happy crafting.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

DT post

Hi everyone - Sunday again! Time for another DT post. Hope you are all ok & haven't got too wet or blown away!
I decided to try & make a handbag/mobile charm using the lovely images designed by Adele & sent to me by Julie.
I didn't know if it was going to work but hey ho! if you don't try you don't know!
I found some clear shrink plastic & managed to print the images onto this, although the print was quite pale so I went carefully over the lines using an indelible black marker.
I coloured the images using ProMarkers, came out very pale but was not too bothered as I know the colours come out darker when shrunk.
Carefully cut around the images, remembered to punch a hole in each flower before I used the heat gun!
Heated each flower using my heat gun. Was really pleased how they turned out - these images are so versatile!
I put a jump ring through each flower, cut off different lengths of chain & attached each flower to a length of chain.
Passed a jump ring through all the lengths of chain at the top then attached a clasp.
I love how it has turned out - now to decide which bag to put it on! OO! could make different shades of a colour to match each of my handbags!
Have a good week, thanks for stopping by,
Bev xx

Monday, 11 August 2014

Design Team Post

Hello everyone..Genny here. For this months design team project we were given some great flower and face designs by Adele...otherwise known as Jiggery Makery. As most of you know, I love working with flowers,so I have been having a good play. For my first card I decided to make a handbag and use the flowers to decorate it. The handbag shape was made using a board from the Glitter girls. I added a handle and then decorated it using the flowers and some die cut foliage. The digi design I took into a graphics programme and reduced the size and then coloured them using my copic markers. But you could colour them using any medium..other alcohol pens, acrylics or watercolours. I then added some peeloff buckles and a diecut butterfly. I know that Julie has some wonderful dies in why not have a look. The bag itself opens up so that you can write your message inside.

My second card is one of the flowers blown up and then I have zentangled the petals.  Zentangle is just doodling really, filling the space with small doodles or patterns. I then cut the flower out and mounted it onto some black glittercard and then in turn matted that onto some black card. I love is so relaxing and I can say that it is one of the few times that I'm Well I hope that you like my cards for this week. If you ever have any questions, I'm more than happy to answer..please get in touch with either me or Julie and I'll get back to you.So until next time..take care and happy crafting

Sunday, 10 August 2014

DT post

Hi everyone - hope you've had a good weekend and have not got too wet or blown away!
I have used Adele's images  to make a popup box card.
I followed a great tutorial on YouTube which did not use any measuring & one piece of A4 card.
I printed the images from Adele onto card, coloured in using watercolour pencils & inks.
Adhered these onto the box card. 
Made a sentiment & placed this so it could be seen.
I think the flowere images have worked really well on this piece.
Thanks for stopping by,
Bev xx

Sunday, 3 August 2014

DT post

For our DT this month we have been sent some lovely digi images designed by Adele - I love them.
As we are still over at Keiths's mums I have had to use Craft Artist again.
I imported the images into paint first to colour them, then opened up CA to get started.
I took the images into the cut-out studio first - so they have no background.
Then I used one of the filters in the photo lab to get the shading on the flowers.
I found a great matching background, making the colours more transparent so as not to distract from the main image.
Used the sticker style to put a white line around the flowers, then played around with the images until I liked the layout.
Made one of the flowers smaller & copied until I had enough to go along the bottom of the card.
Added shadows where I thought appropriate.
These images have worked really well, and it turned out just as I wanted.
This can be printed out as it is, or you could print extra images of the flowers to decoupage.
Thanks for stopping by,
Bev xx