Sunday, 31 August 2014

DT post

Hi everyone - hope your week has been good. Seems like the weather is going to pick up for a few days.
We are staying with Keith's Mum for another few days, waiting for things to be sorted for her to move into a care home as her Alzeihmers is getting worse & she can no longer cope. We have tried having her at home but she gets even more confused as to where she is. It's all sad but we feel the best place for her now is a care home that can give her 24 hour care. Anyhow I do have my laptop with me so tried doing a digi card.
I have used the lovely images from Adele Bradshaw at Jiggery Makery to make another digital card.
The images are so easy to manipulate. I have used them in Craft Artist.
I coloured the face image in paint first, then imported into CA. Imported the flowers & gave them coloured outlines, adding shadows to them to give depth.
Added the sentiment & the card is good to print. You can print multiples off to decoupage the flowers.
Thanks for stopping by,
Bev xx

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