Thursday, 11 February 2010

Good News!!!!

Hello everyone!
Well it has been a lone time since I have blogged and I have missed it.
Things have been a bit up & down here and I have just not felt like blogging.
Christmas Eve Kevin was made redundant from work and it was a bit of a blow
but we did not let it spoil Christmas, well you can't can you.
He is still out of work and things will be tough for a while but I am sure we will get through it,
we have before.

Now on to a brighter note, I am not sure I have done the right thing but when opportunity knocks you grab it with both hands!
I am opening a craft shop!!!
It is only two units in our local indoor market but it is a start.
We have spent the last month getting it ready.

Grand Opening

JB-Crafting Supplies
Saturday 13th February 2010
1st Floor - Wath Indoor Market
Montgomery Road,

I am also doing classes in card making, scrapbooking and gifts,
mornings, afternoons and evenings.
I will also be running a class on a Sunday.

So if any one is interested in attending classes please get in touch.

I will have photos in a few days.

bye for now.