Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Design team make...Christmas Cards

Hello everyone...Genny here. Today I'm sharing two Christmas cards made using the Hobby Art 'Scenic Stamps'. I just love this range of stamps and have used them so much. Everytime I use them, I come up with a different scene..which I suppose is the aim of I so enjoy using them. To make both these cards I have only used 1 distress ink. To begin I cut an oval, stamped the scene, using my distress ink and then coloured using the ink pad. To do this I pressed the ink pad onto my glass cutting mat and added some water using a paintbrush and coloured where I thought it needed it. I then inked the edge of the oval using a blending tool..still using the same inkpad. I also created a larger oval mat, coloured with my blending tool. I also added some glitter to the scenic oval. I finally fixed both ovals to a 6x6 card, to which I had covered with a blue based background paper from my stash. The card below was made exactly the same way...I just created a different scene.

Unfortunately you can't see the glitter as well on the second..but in real life it's as if the sheep are standing in the snow on a frosty morning. Something I see alot here in the winter months in the mountains. For my own Christmas cards I will be doing a number of these. It is so much fun creating the scenes and if you create one that you really is easier enough to recreate it.

If you need anything crafting wise..just ask Julie here at JB-Crafting Supplies. As I always tell everyone..she is an Aladdins cave of wonderful crafting goodies. It's well worth a look. So until next time..I hope the weather is being kind to you all and that you have begun making your Christmas cards...take care and happy crafting.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Design team make..The Wishing House

Hello everyone..Genny here. Following last weeks dot decorated frame and door hanger, I decided to decorate this house shape and create a gift..a wishing house. I had seen one done before and thought it would make a lovely gift. The house shape itself was cheaply bought and I began by giving it two coats with acrylic paint in a bluebell shade. I then used my dot painting technique on the sides and the roof slants.

I then thought what wishes I would like to give to my friend. I made paper shapes which I wrote the different wishes,laughter,peace,joy.etc. I then used a distress ink to blend on the paper and stamped on every piece with a small leaf stamp. I have yet to add the little ornaments to it. One that I'm going to make is a little bottle with some glitter in she never loses her sparkle. Thinking on the same lines I may add some marbles so she never loses them as well. A bit of fun that will make her smile...what more could you want in a present to give to a friend.

As I said last week..all you need to do the dotting is available from Julie here at JB-Crafting Supplies. Acrylic paints and a couple of ball tools is all you need. I have bought all my acrylics from Julie and they are perfect to use on projects such as this. Keep you eyes out for blank shapes that you can buy and paint on..or look at things that you have in your home that you can alter. So until next week..take care and happy crafting. 

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Design team makes...Christmas Sheep and more

Hello everyone Genny here. I tried so hard to blog these cards yesterday but BT just wasn't So here I am featuring the sheep stamp again from Hobby Art. Everything that I have used on these cards is available through Julie here at JB-Crafting Supplies.

I wanted to share the card below to show that though I have bought the sheep set to make my christmas cards, I can see me using them all year round. There are lots of little other stamps like the sunglasses and straw hat,which I have put on the sheep and turned it into a summer stamp. I know lots of people that this would make smile.

And below is something that I made after watching a television programme. Strange I know but I was amazed by the price of what they were selling, knowing that you could buy everything from Julie for at least half the price. All you need to make the items below is your choice of acrylic paint and two ball tools. The pattern is based on dots and if you can dip your ball tool into some acrylic and drag it in a swirl, that;s all there is to it. Next week I will do another couple of projects and show you how easy it is. I know that Julie has door hangers available and the frame is just a cheap one that I picked up. I think that the two together would make a lovely present.

So until next week...take care and happy crafting.