Monday, 12 October 2015

Design team make..The Wishing House

Hello everyone..Genny here. Following last weeks dot decorated frame and door hanger, I decided to decorate this house shape and create a gift..a wishing house. I had seen one done before and thought it would make a lovely gift. The house shape itself was cheaply bought and I began by giving it two coats with acrylic paint in a bluebell shade. I then used my dot painting technique on the sides and the roof slants.

I then thought what wishes I would like to give to my friend. I made paper shapes which I wrote the different wishes,laughter,peace,joy.etc. I then used a distress ink to blend on the paper and stamped on every piece with a small leaf stamp. I have yet to add the little ornaments to it. One that I'm going to make is a little bottle with some glitter in she never loses her sparkle. Thinking on the same lines I may add some marbles so she never loses them as well. A bit of fun that will make her smile...what more could you want in a present to give to a friend.

As I said last week..all you need to do the dotting is available from Julie here at JB-Crafting Supplies. Acrylic paints and a couple of ball tools is all you need. I have bought all my acrylics from Julie and they are perfect to use on projects such as this. Keep you eyes out for blank shapes that you can buy and paint on..or look at things that you have in your home that you can alter. So until next week..take care and happy crafting. 

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