Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Design team makes...Christmas Sheep and more

Hello everyone Genny here. I tried so hard to blog these cards yesterday but BT just wasn't So here I am featuring the sheep stamp again from Hobby Art. Everything that I have used on these cards is available through Julie here at JB-Crafting Supplies.

I wanted to share the card below to show that though I have bought the sheep set to make my christmas cards, I can see me using them all year round. There are lots of little other stamps like the sunglasses and straw hat,which I have put on the sheep and turned it into a summer stamp. I know lots of people that this would make smile.

And below is something that I made after watching a television programme. Strange I know but I was amazed by the price of what they were selling, knowing that you could buy everything from Julie for at least half the price. All you need to make the items below is your choice of acrylic paint and two ball tools. The pattern is based on dots and if you can dip your ball tool into some acrylic and drag it in a swirl, that;s all there is to it. Next week I will do another couple of projects and show you how easy it is. I know that Julie has door hangers available and the frame is just a cheap one that I picked up. I think that the two together would make a lovely present.

So until next week...take care and happy crafting.

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