Sunday, 17 August 2014

DT post

Hi everyone - Sunday again! Time for another DT post. Hope you are all ok & haven't got too wet or blown away!
I decided to try & make a handbag/mobile charm using the lovely images designed by Adele & sent to me by Julie.
I didn't know if it was going to work but hey ho! if you don't try you don't know!
I found some clear shrink plastic & managed to print the images onto this, although the print was quite pale so I went carefully over the lines using an indelible black marker.
I coloured the images using ProMarkers, came out very pale but was not too bothered as I know the colours come out darker when shrunk.
Carefully cut around the images, remembered to punch a hole in each flower before I used the heat gun!
Heated each flower using my heat gun. Was really pleased how they turned out - these images are so versatile!
I put a jump ring through each flower, cut off different lengths of chain & attached each flower to a length of chain.
Passed a jump ring through all the lengths of chain at the top then attached a clasp.
I love how it has turned out - now to decide which bag to put it on! OO! could make different shades of a colour to match each of my handbags!
Have a good week, thanks for stopping by,
Bev xx

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