Saturday, 24 January 2009

Aother Art Deco Lady & Tabby!

I thought you would like to see Tabby our other stray cat, this photo was taken a couple of weeks ago. We have had a good talk about him over the last few days and decided to keep him as part of the family. We could not part with him now, we love him too much!

Most of you know he was in a huge fight last weekend and he has not been himself all week. He had a slight eye injury which turned quite nasty by Thursday. So we phoned the vets yesterday and made arrangements to take him down this morning. Tabby has got a badly infected eye and paw so he had to have an injection of antibiotics and a course of tablets. The vet squeezed his eye and all this pus came out, it was horrible!
For a stray cat he behaved extremely well at the vets, I was so proud of him!
We also found out that he is only a year old.
When he has recovered the next step will be to have him seen to and get some pet insurance this time!

I could not resist doing another Art Deco lady card today!

Think I will get allot of use out of this CD.

Have a great day everyone!



  1. What a beautiful puss, glad your gonna keep him, I would have to too! I just love this card, as much as the last one, these images are simply stunning, hugs Heidi xx

  2. Great card, but more importantly, what a beautiful tabby!!!

    I do love my cat, and missmy tabby who passed away a couple of years ago now, they have so much character, I can fully understand why he is now a part of the family!

  3. Wow Julie, this is so elegant. I love the red, black, & white combo.

  4. Julie, this is just so elegant!!! How you did the layout and color is fantastic!!! I need to know more about this cd!!!

  5. what a nice story!, like the touch of red you added to change it up.

  6. aawwww he is too beautiful or should I say handsome. Julie glad you going to keep him and yes get him fixed up fast. hehe you don't need the neighbours cats all over your house. Absolutely love the card it is so very elegant.

  7. These are great! I really like black and white cards~

  8. glad your kitty is doing better and hope he continues to recuperate.

    Love the art deco lady cards you are doing! They are so pretty!