Thursday, 8 January 2009

CD Photo Cube!

Hello everyone, today's project is a photo cube made out of Cd's!
The idea came from here.

I had great fun putting this project together but I did find that my Cd's did
not want to snap together very well.
Also the card base is a very tight fit and mine has split on one corner.
I will certainly make another one but I think I will have to modify it a bit!

I am going to make some more mini books this year to go in my photo cube and
it will take pride of place on my coffee table this year!
Edit; Yes you can change your pages, you just pop the cd apart. Mind you
I don't know how many time you could take it apart before something broke!
Enjoy your evening!



  1. great idea, I can't believe you made it out of CD's

  2. This is just Darling and how unique to use CD"s wow Amazing Julie...Thanks for sharling!!!!!

  3. A coffee and cream colour scheme to go on your coffee table :-)

    TFS I'll have to have a go at this sometime. Sara

  4. this is just so darn cute, i have made a mini book using the actual cd's but this little cube is very cute, can u change the photos inside the cover or not.

  5. That is so cute, but like you i wonder how soon before it fell apart!

  6. this is great like mini scrap pages.
    i will have to have a go at this

  7. fantastic idea!! I am surly going to use this one!!!

  8. This is such a wonderful idea... i had never thought of anything like this before!

    Its really nice!

  9. What an awesome idea, it turned out great! Love it!

  10. I have a award for you on my blog....

  11. Ohhh COOL idea. It turned out beautifully! TFS!

  12. oh what a marvelous design idea! I will have to remember this one! It makes a great cube one could use for many things!

  13. Hi Julie,
    Thanks for the shout out! I'd love it if you'd add your blog to my Cube Carnival!

  14. Wow what a cool idea. Thanks for sharing this. Beautiful!!!

  15. BTW Julie, I know you've probably got mannnnnnnnny but...I have an award waiting for you on my blog. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me.

    Aloha and God Bless~

  16. hi Julie I found your blog from visiting Rinas, she awarded you a blog so I had to check you out!! I love the cd photo cube!! What an awesome idea! thanks so much for sharing and really nice to meet you. Blessings. Renee