Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Oriental Poppy Cards

Today's cards have been made using the shaving cream technique, which I love doing. It is so easy to do and the effects are stunning!
I have used Bella's Baubles on the first card, they just seem to finish the card off, I think!

Shaving Cream Technique


  • Shaving Cream (cheap unscented)
  • A cooking tray or wax sheet
  • 3 reinkers
  • paint scraper
  • Toothpick
  • Card Stock
  1. Spread a layer of unscented shaving cream on a flat surface (cooking tray or wax paper works great)
  2. Take 3 reinkers of compatible colors and drop dots randomly over the shaving cream (don't over do it or your work will end up muddy)
  3. Swirl colors with toothpick.
  4. Take a piece of white card stock and press into the shaving cream from the center out (to get the best of the colour combination)
  5. Remove the card stock and scrape off the extra shaving cream with an inexpensive paint scraper.
  6. You have a great background to use for cards of all types. You can repeat until it starts to appear muddy or lacks enough color.
  7. These backgrounds are perfect to stamp and emboss onto.

Enjoy the cards!


  1. Very lovely card. Are they Zoomz or Bella's Baubles on the card?

    Kay (SBS8)

  2. Beautiful cards!! I especially like the combination of the asian writing with the flower :)

  3. Lovely cards.

    I'd end up making too much mess with the shaving foam!

  4. I love doing shaving cream also. I always end up doing something whimsical with it. But love this stamp, it makes it look elegant.

  5. wow...these are stunning! you did a beautiful job.

  6. Gorgeous cards, especially love the top one.

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  8. Hi Julie, as usual you just come up with the most stunning ideas.I love the cards. Keep it up gal.
    luv Di

  9. These look great, almost pearlescent in their effect!


  10. Just gorgeous! Haven't used the shaving foam in ages; may have to play with it again soon!!! TFS!


  11. These are absolutely beautiful!

  12. Will definately give this a go....beautiful cards Julie!