Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Label Card & Envelope

Today's card is one I made for a class that I had last week.

Stazon black
White black & lilac card stock
Watercolour crayons
Black bottle top
PSX Hydrangea stamp
Wisteria chalk in pad
Versamark ink pad.

Hope you enjoy looking at today's card!


Edited Note
Thank you girls for all your lovely comments on this card!

It did not take to long to make, I just have fun creating until it looks how I want it to.
Transferring the labels to the card is quite easy, all I used was some Magic-Film. It's a low tack adhesive film used for masking, fixing brass stencils, transferring the negative section of peel offs and of course labels. The sheet is the size of a peel off sheet and you can re-use time and time again! Hope this helps everyone!


  1. that is really gorgeous i had forgotten about this technique. I love the butterfly envelope too!

  2. oh gosh you line those labels up much better than I ever can LOL! I love the coloring and the matching envie too is adorable!

  3. Absolutely wonderful!! What's your secret to getting it so straight? Mine always look like I lined it up while standing on my head!
    beautiful stamp as well!

  4. really pretty, I don't think I could be that exact!

  5. love your card Julie, and also the Penny Black ones too...

  6. I love what you did with the labels!

  7. This is so fab....... so delicate as well did it take long to make julie?

    btw i have tagged you come see my blog for more info hugs leona x

  8. What a great card! And who doesn't love hydrangeas?!! They work perfectly with the label pretty.

  9. Me again Julie,l you have been Tagged !! Can you pop over to my blog please to find out more. xx

  10. wowee! So pretty!! Of course, purple is my fave you can't go wrong with a purple card in my opinion! :)