Monday, 27 July 2015

Design Team make..The Tag with a Tale to Tell

As it says in the title..this is a tag with a tale to tell. Tag art has really taken off in the crafting world and I have to say I love it. Many people would love to try scrap booking but are daunted by the size of the blank pages. If you fancy having a go..why not try telling a story on a tag.My tag is one that I put together in memory of my Grandmother and I began by going through my stash and finding things that reminded of her. I first covered the tag with a sheet of paper from the Craftworkcards..Shabby Vintage paper pads which is available from Julie here at JB Crafting-Supplies. I have two of the is pink shades and the other is blue and there are 12 papers in the pack. The one that I chose to work with is covered with sewing related pictures. As my Grandmother was an avid seamstress, I thought it would be a perfect start. There are many items on the tag which relate to her life..buttons,and lace because her sewing room always had them. I remember reels of lace and her button box. The button box was a treasure trove to me as a little girl and in fact I still have it. I only have to open the lid and am transported back to being a little girl. I put the banner on because my Grandmother was always involved with the carnival and everyone would gather at the farm to make the float. The saying always reminds me of her and her advice to trust in what you were doing and it would always be okay. I have added roses to represent her rose garden which she tended with great love but also a daisy to highlight her love of nature. She taught me to recognise all the wild flowers. I added a gardening glove and fork to tell of her time spent gardening. The two final items are the butterflies and the pearl strand. She loved butterflies and moths and I have her collection of reference books. And finally is the strand of pearls..she always wore a set no matter what she was doing..from digging in her gardens, working with the animals or cooking. They sit on my dressing table as a daily reminder of her love.
I know you may find it odd for me to write about all these memories on my design team make but I wanted to share with you my thought process while I was creating this tag. I intend to frame it alongside a photo of my Grandmother, And then I intend to work with the blue papers and make one for my Grandfather. I thought that they would look good together as a pair. Why not have a go could do one for your grandchildren, your pets, your house or your hobbies. Tags also make great books. Cutting hols in the side and using some rings, you could add as many tags as you need.
Well I hope that you made sense of it all. When I make the one for my Grandfather, I will share it with you. For all your crafting needs please take a look at Julies shop. As I always say it is an Aladdins cave of crafting goodies. So until next week..take care and happy crafting.

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