Monday, 14 March 2016

Design team make......Victorian Sewing Box

Hello everyone...Genny here. Well I had it all planned to share a patchwork block with you all today..and then real life came into plan and I had to change my thoughts. I was all set to do some sewing and then I wasn't very I decided to make this Victorian sewing box, as it meant I could sit in my chair with my legs up. That's one of the things that I love about crafting..if you can't do one thing because of the way you feel...there is always something else you can do.

I had been sent this fabulous kit by Julie here at JB-Crafting I decided to give it a go...and I loved it. To make it you will need the kit, material of your choice, bookbinding glue, some ribbon to match and some wadding if you choose to use it.

 The material that I've used is available from Julie. I had some green ribbon in my stash and I had some bookbinding glue left from the last kit I made..The box with 1001 uses...which is now in my bedroom keeping my rings safe from the I have to say it's working really well and looks delightful.

 There are full instructions in the kit. I would recommend reading through them a couple of times and getting to know which pieces are to be put together.

 On the pieces that hold the ribbon, I have used some wadding.
On the lid, I have put double wadding, so the top can be used as a pincushion.In fact I have had a couple of requests for one of these boxes already. I think it so handy, having one of can keep everything in here to do a quick repair. A couple of small reels of thread..perhaps black and white, a small pair of scissors,some needles, a thimble..all will fit in..oh and a couple of safety handy..and you can never find one when you need
I am so happy with the way that it turned out. I'm thinking that I may make a couple of these for's so nice the way that it all closes into a neat box.And of course, you can make it using whatever material you think that the recipient would like..Julie has a fabulous range.

So hopefully next week I will get to share my patchwork block with you all.So until then..take care and happy crafting

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