Sunday, 17 February 2008

Sorry I have not posted!!!!!

I can't beleive it is over a week since I have last posted anything. It has been half term here so Adele & Jake have been at home and I have not had to go to work yippy!!! In between going out I have managed to organise my craft room at long last. So now I have a large box of rubber stamps and other craft bits to sell on Ebay.

We went out the other night for a lovely meal as it was Kevin's 50th birthday.

Today we went for a walk around the lake and I took this photo of the sunset. It was really cold and I was glad to get back home for a lovely hot cup of tea!

I will have some cards to show you tomorrow!


  1. Don't apologise for not posting honey. Life gets in the way and we're happy to see you when you're here :) Love the photo xx

  2. Oh what an awesome photo ... God knows how to paint a sky hey? Is it tomorrow there yet?? lol

  3. Oh what a beautiful photo...can only imagine how much more beautiful it was in person!!

    I don't mean to be selfish but...can't wait until your next post!! :)

  4. great photo. I must take a leaf out of your book and clear some of my craft stuff but then it's less time for crafting LOL

  5. Hey fellow South Yorkshire crafter...just stumbled upon your blog, it is great.
    Love this photo, where was it taken.
    The sunset tonight was gorgeous too, really deep orange...great work by the way, love the gift you did.

  6. Thanks Saddie, the sunset is accross Manvers Lake.

  7. Hiya

    Small world, I live about 20mins from Doncaster & I also go to Which Craft, I go to her workshops she holds in Armthorpe once a month on a Monday, I have been to the Sat ones a few times.

    Great to chat to you, your blog is fantastic.