Tuesday, 13 May 2008

My Card for the Magnolia Challenge!

This is my first time to create a card for the Magnolia challenge found here
I had great fun creating this card, as I love black & white but don't use it very often!

*Challenge 19*

It's time for a bit of black and white theme, ideally no other colours to be used on you work.

(but if you are struggling with this then your magnolia image ( or 1 of if using more than 1 )
may have 1 more colour of your choice.

Once again work must include a magnolia stamp, and could be anything aslong as it is arty crafts.

If you click on my card you will see the detail better. I have added glitter to the petticoat and diamond glaze to the jacket and boots.
Have a great day everyone!



  1. good morning julie,im going to be the first to comment on this card...and what a great card really lovely,and loving the black and white,i enlarged the photo aswell as you can see what great detail you put on it.
    great card well done
    regards clarex

  2. Fantastische Karte, kompliment.

  3. Oh wow - I love this card. Tilda and Edwin are fab and I love the guitars!

  4. Julie, what more can I add, this is a really "cool" card. I love the glaze it makes the things stand out so nicely., who is the lucky recipient. Keep them coming.

  5. *g*

    Wow - what a wonderful IDea.

  6. You have put lot of effort and the result is very fab!

  7. Fabulous card, love the sparkle on the petticoats.

  8. Oh, Julie, this is from my era and it is absolutely delightful! Thank you for the "blast from the past!" and for your sweet comment on my blog!

  9. Very beautiful card with lovely colors and stamp ! Very great work !