Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Rose Card For 40th Birthday

Good evening everyone!

Well today's card is a decoupage rose for a 40th birthday.
I must say that these cards have been very popular with people. I normally never make the same card more than once so everytime I make this card I try to make each one a little different.

This week I am doing a Family Learning course with Jake at his new school. The aim is to get them to make some new friends before they start school in September. I think Jake is quite looking forward to going to a new school. Anyway to get back to the course, we are making robots and I must say it is fun!
I am just colouring some tin foil with some alcohol inks to cover part of the robot with. I will try and get some photos and put them on here Friday evening.
Bye for now Julie.

1 comment:

  1. Very, very beautiful card! Love it!!!
    Hope your son, Jake, really loves his new school; neat that they're doing the Family Learning so they'll know others when school begins! ;-) Hope you have great fun making robots; sounds awesome I'll be anxious to see photos!!!