Wednesday, 2 September 2015

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Hello everyone...Genny here. After last weeks makes, I decided that I wanted to make a hanging flower to fit alongside my dream plaque and door hanger. I made this flower, managing to use lots of the little bits that I had hanging around my craft studio. I have always had a collection of beads..for the use in a bright idea that I never got round so I was determined to use them. I am hoping to get a better picture of the flower but it was a hard thing to photograph with no help. I will take a picture of it when it's in it's place in my bedroom.

The flower has beads above it and a string of beads at the bottom, which give it a little weight to hang straight. The flower itself started with an idea which I had when I was just about to throw a kitchen roll middle away. I cut it into six strips and then painted them with my acrylic paint which I had bought from Julies shop. I then attached some backing paper..again from the shop to the back of the roll strips. I then cut the petals out and glued them together. I created the strips of beads and attached them to the top and the bottom of the flower. I cut a circle of the backing paper twice and attached it to the flower centre. Onto that I added a smaller circle of glitter paper and finally added a large jewel to the very centre. I hope to make 5 strips of flowers and hang them along the wall in my bedroom. For all the paints, jewels and beads just take a look at Julies really is an Aladdin's cave of crafting goodies.

When I was about to write this blog, I looked through my photographs and realised that I had made quite a number of pieces to decorate my home. I have loaded them below,,in the hope that they will give you a few ideas. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

I hope that the weather is being kind to you wherever you are. Here in the mountains it can't make it's mind up whether to rain or not. I'm having quite a time to keep some wet cats off my So until next time..take care and happy crafting.

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