Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Kitty Up-date!

I would like to say a very big thank you for all your kind messages about Kitty,
I was very touched by everyones kindness!

At this minute she is fast asleep in front of the radiator.
We have managed to get her to eat some food.
I have hand fed her chicken, which she loves!
She has had her tablets without to much fuss today, in her chicken.
There is some improvement in her, I am pleased to say!



  1. thats great news julie..and to hear he is eating again..esp chicken cats just love chicken.
    im stilling sending hugs to you both xx
    love clare x

  2. Thats great news Julie, glad Kitty 's on the mend, fingers crossed on a full recovery xxxx

  3. That is very good news, so soon he will be on the mend and up to the normal kitty jinks.It is like having a baby in the house when they are sick.

  4. Yeppie, hip hip hurray ...go kitty go, I'm so happy to hear the little thing is eating and getting somewhat better, it's only a matter of time and she will be just perfect again!!!