Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Snowman Card

Today's card idea came from Dawns Stampin Studio.
I don't have the same size punches as Dawn, so I have just made do with the punches I have.
I loved making this card so much that I thought I would try to adapt it to make a
Father Christmas.

What do you think, will it do!

Kitty update!

She is about the same as yesterday.
She went outside for ten minutes.
Not really eaten much today:-(
and she is fast asleep in front of the radiator.

Have a good day everyone!
It's very cold here today and we had frost on the ground this morning!


  1. What cute cards, I just love the punch images, Outstanding Cards!!!

  2. Lovely clever cards, wish I was more imaginative with punches. Glad Kitty a bit better, best place for her by the radiator. My cat hasn't moved much from my bed today, too damn cold here too! Heidi xxx

  3. aawww!!!! these are sooo cute. I love how you adapted it to Father Christmas, clever Gal.
    Hope Kitty keeps on improving. It takes a while as it sounds like he had a bad infection. We have just had one heck of a storm with a lot of rain, was bathed and in pj's at 5.30pm LOL. all passed over now, just raining slightly & windy.

  4. I love them they are so cute great to give to the kids julie......

  5. I love em and Father Christmas turned out great! I am praying for kitty maybe she will soon feel the love you guys have for her and be on the road to recovery!

  6. very clever cards and so much fun

  7. Great cards, love how you made them,will definitely make an impact on the receiver!

  8. I love your cards - is Santas beard made with Nesties?

  9. wow! you really are so creative! these are GREAT