Monday, 27 October 2008

No Cards Today!

Sorry but I have no cards to share with you all today!
To tell you the truth it has been a very stressful day and I just don't feel like
creating anything!

As some of you may know we took in a stray cat back in May.
When she came to use she was just skin & bone.
She is a lovely cat, house trained, well behaved you could not ask for any more!
Well yesterday she was not eating and we thought it might be a fur ball again,
which she gets every couple of weeks. So we usually gets a day where she will not eat
until she has sicked the hair ball up.
So this morning when Kevin came downstairs he found some sick on the floor and
some blood and we could see something was wrong.
Phoned the vet and got in at dinner time. Well we have got one poorly puss!
She has an overactive thyroid and bad teeth. So she is on two sets of tablets.
We have never had a cat before and trying to give her a tablet when she wont eat is really hard.
It has taken three of us to give her the tablets!
If she improves over the next two weeks
when she has her next trip to the vets she will have to have her teeth out.
If there is no improvement, it sounds like Kitty will have to be put to sleep!

I have just taken these two photos of Kitty!

Poor baby!

She is so thin and needs to put weight on. We are having to puree her food
to get her to eat. We are getting her to eat a bit every hour.
She is drinking a lot and just sits there looking sorry for herself, poor thing!



  1. My heart goes out to you Julie, I do hope that your puss pulls through, give her a big hug from me and my puss Molly, Heidi xxx

  2. Awww Julie....I hope she pulls through hun, looks like a sweetie though sendin hugs leona x

  3. sorry to hear this,i hope and pray she gets better..sending hugs also xx
    take care clare xx

  4. I'm sorry...It's so sad for the dear little thing, Hope it starts eating soon for you, Hang in there it's just got to get better, praying the pills will work and fast!!!

  5. Julie...
    Much love and prayers to you for your kitty from me and mt two cats Skye and Malachi...hope the vet can bring her back to health...

  6. Hey Julie, how is Kitty today? Hope she is ok now, Heidi xxx

  7. Julie, I am so sorry to hear that, I really hope he/she gets better fast. I will get the name of the medicine we give to Karyn's cat, it dissolves the hairball so no bringing it up, so much better. I see she is in front of the heater that is the best place.

  8. Julie, go the name it is called Animalax I hope that is spelt correctly, they love it as well, we just used to give it to him out the tube, just squeeze a blob out and he ate it. Awww shame will he have all his teeth out? Shame.

  9. Hope your kitty is on the mend soon Julie!!

  10. much more important than cards! hope she pulls through

  11. Hope she is feeling a bit better by now Julie, I don't like to see any animal unwell because they can't tell you where it hurts...
    will say a little prayer for her and for you xx

  12. oh, I have been reading your Kitty updates backwards and have finally got to the original...I hope that she pulls through. It is so hard when our furry family members are ill. ((hugs))