Monday, 9 May 2016

Design team make...Pinflair Kit

Hello everyone..Genny here. I must apologise..this weeks make should have been last weeks but BT decided that the village could do without internet for the most of 3 days and have given us an intermittent service since. It drives us all crazy..they know our service is going off but never think to let anyone know. Anyway here I am, catching up. For my design team make I have been lucky enough to work with this fabulous kit from Pinflair. All instructions are included. You will need to add your own choice of material, book binding glue. I also used some sellotape to hold things in place when I had run out of the paper. I have to say that was my own fault for not paying attention to what I was a cat fight set off. So I took everything apart and did it properly using my sellotape. I should have taken my own previous advice and shut the cats out of the

 When you come to hold the drawer together...I added some sellotape to the outside..just to hold it together while it dried.

I didn't have a suitable handle for the box and due to the way I'm having trouble with my hands..I really needed something I could get hold I fiddled about and made one. I had a lonely large button in my stash which I have always loved the look of. I took some of my jewellery wire and threaded it through the button and then added some it went button, bead, box drawer and then I secured the wire on the inside of the drawer. It has worked very well and has given me something substantial to hold on to.

And here it is finished..I have been looking for something to hold all my pearls from my stash and this is perfect. Everything that you need is available from Julie here at JB-Crafting Supplies. The range of fabric that she stocks is delicious..there is no other word to describe the patterns and colours that she has in stock. Well worth a look. So until next week..take care and happy crafting.

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