Saturday, 8 November 2008

Kitty Update!

As you know we went to the vets last night with Kitty.
They think she is about 13 years old now and are not too keen
on taking the thyroid gland out as she might not survive the anesthetic.
There was no mention of taking her teeth out i am pleased to say.
She is now on one tablet a a day. They weighed her and she only weighs 2.8kilos,
poor thing! We have to go back in two weeks to see if she has put weight on.
Kitty has not eaten anything since Thursday evening!
We have tried to tempt her with all sorts of things but she would not eat.
Then she finally decided to eat something this evening,
two pouches of fish and some roast chicken from Morrison's.
So you can imagine we are all quite relieved.
I don't know what will happen if she does not gain some weight, we will just have to keep
our fingers crossed for her.



  1. Well at least she is eating, hey! These little furry things do worry us don't they! Mine wants to go play with the fireworks, have to keep her in. Fingers crossed for her, Heidi xxx

  2. Those critters become such a part of our lives! I hope she is feeling better and back to her normal self sooN!