Thursday, 13 November 2008

Kitty Update!

We have just brought Kitty home from the vets!
Needless to say we are all very very happy.
She has just had all her medicines and a drink and has now settled down.
We have put her some food out so I just hopes she eats it.
Thank you for asking about her I really appreciate it!

I might not get to post tomorrow as I am going to the NEC!!!
My mum is kitty sitting for us!!



  1. Am so pleased your Kitty is home, what a relief! Have a great time at the NEC tommorrow. If you get a chance, go to the Crafts U Love stand, my bosses Paula and Geoff will be there. I believe that they will have some show specials. I unfortunately can't go as I am manning the shop in Crawley. Have fun and spend loads xxxx

  2. Ohhh good! I am so happy for you!

  3. aww..this is great news hun xxx all our prays for her work :-)

    hope you have a great day at the show..dont spend to and im so jealous im not going..but hay i cant moan i went to the hobbycraft show in cardiff...and im saving for the NEC next year.

    hugs clare x

  4. Wow!!! good news Julie, hope he gets better fast. Hey Gal, enjoy your day shopping. Hope you show us what you get.

  5. Great news Julie, I am so pleased for kitty and for you !!