Monday, 3 November 2008

Machine Embroidery Christmas Cards!

While tidying one of my draws out the other day,
I came across some machine embroidery Christmas panels that I made last year.
So I decided to make some cards up with them.
Might as well put them to good use instead of hidden away in a draw!

Kitty Update!

I am pleased to say that Kitty seems to be improving!
She just potters around the house, sits in front of the radiator
and just pops outside for ten minutes.
She is starting to eat more food, just small amounts but often and she still likes her
Back to the vets at the weekend.

Have a good evening!



  1. Hi Julie, great news about Kitty, good luck at the vets. Beautiful cards, love the windsurving Santa, he is real cool! Its amazing what we find in our stashes, hey. Hope your ok? Heidi xxx

  2. WOW..julie these cards are lovely hun..esp the surfing santa
    its amazing what we find when we are not looking for

    aww..sorry hun to late for the PIF..but still email me at and we'll have a little

    great news about kitty..and good luck at the vets.

    hugs and speak soon xx clare xx

  3. Good news about kitty and I am loving these panels! You did great on them!

  4. Yes yes Way to go kitty...Great news! wow what beautiful cards glad my husband can't see the wind-surfer...All are just amazing!!!