Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Design team make...A Fairy Pocket.

 Hello everyone...Genny here.I am so excited as this is my first design team make featuring sewing.Over the years, I have done a lot of sewing, but hadn't done any for a while.And then over the last year, the more I saw of Julies sewing projects, the more I was twitching to get my machine out.

So here I am with my first project.I thought it would be nice to go through it , step by step. Of course, the sheet itself has instructions printed onto it. But as usual I tend to do things a little differently..lol

I first cut the pieces out. The whole project is in one piece and is available from Julie. To go with the material piece, all you need is a piece of backing material to match the project (I have used some pink spotty fabric), some wadding to go between the pieces (the front and the back) and some interfacing to use on the back of the pockets.

I  ironed the fabric and ironed what would be the hem. To my mind just ironing what is going to be a hem makes things so much easier.
 I then ironed the interfacing onto the pocket strips and then pressed the top edge of the pockets.
 Then stitched to pocket top (above) and then pressed the pocket lengths to give the definition to the box pleats.

 Matched up the dotted lines to their corresponding lines on the full picture.And then stitched them. This is the major area where I did it differently to the instructions, mainly because it made it easier for me.
 Whilst I was stitching the dotted lines, I also stitched into place the ends of each pocket row,
Finally I stitched the bottoms of the pockets strip, catching the            at the same time
 Whilst I was stitching, I also cut two lengths of the backing fabric into 30cm by 8cm.,folded in half and stitched the length. I then cut both strips into half again,which made 4 strips. These will become the hanging strips

Once all the pockets have been stitched into place, I then tidied up all my threads in preparation for sewing the front,back and wadding all together. I layered the pocket topped piece, the wadding and the backing fabric together. I then pinned them together. I then went round all the edges, turning the raw edges in, making sure that the wadding was captured securely. I then sewed the two sides and the bottom edges. On the top edge I pinned in the straps, securing then inside the edges. I then finally sewed the top. I then sewed again around the inside on the small pink line   to make sure that the wadding was captured even more.

I have so enjoyed making this fairy pocket. I made it over two afternoons, taking my time and doing a lot of shouting at my cats, who thought the whole thing was just done for their entertainment. I would recommend making this pocket without cat help..lol. This would be the perfect gift for a young girl..but I have to say that this girl is going to use this to hold my collection of scarves on the back of my bedroom door. At the moment they are all hanging on coathangers..but as expected the kittens think that they are only there to hang on to..so this will be perfect to keep them away from kitty claws.

Everything that I have used is available from Julie here at JB-Crafting Supplies. Julie has a wonderful selection of materials available. On a personal note, I have also started a quilt and will share some blocks with you in the next couple of weeks. So until next time...take care and happy crafting.

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