Monday, 25 July 2016

Design team make....One thought...5 projects

Hello everyone...Genny here. I have called todays design team thought..5 projects because I began with the thought of doing a large mixed media canvas but ended up making 4 other projects and the original piece is only half way My first idea was to use lots of die cut and stamped flowers, painted with my H2Os..which gives them a lovely mica shimmer. I began by getting together lots of die cut flowers which I had cut using plain white paper. I then painted then all with different shades. As I was waiting for the flowers to dry I found two small canvasses and deiced to paint them using my acrylics. So for the first two projects, I added three flowers..using a black peeloff as the stem, and finally stamped a different sentiment on both.

The following two projects were a happy accident. When I'm painting with H2Os, I always work on a piece of paper. When I had finished painting the flowers, I looked at the way all the colours had mixed on the paper and loved the look of it. So I took a flower stamp and stamped the outline in black..and then cut them out. I mounted them onto a piece of white which had been mounted onto a piece of black card.

And finally I actually began on my first I have painted a board with black acrylic and placed lots of flowers in opposite corners.I have added metal hearts, some jewels and some pearl dots. It isn't finished yet but I thought that I would share the work in progress. Hopefully next week I will be doing a piece on mixed I will be able to share the finished piece then.

The one thing that I would recommend is that wherever you decide to work that the cats are banned from the area. I'm sure that my cats know as soon as the acrylics come out and cannot wait to dip their paws in it..hence I have now multi coloured paw prints over one of my armchairs..perhaps they fancied doing some mixed media of their So untilnext week...take care and happy crafting.

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