Monday, 11 July 2016

Design team make...Paper Cutting

Hello everyone...Genny here. For today's design team make, I have been taking a step into a whole new world..the world of paper cutting. I must admit to have loved the look of some paper cuts for quite a while. Suddenly last week I decided to give it go and thought that I would share my makes with you. Both of these designs are by a company called Paper Panda and there are books of various designs out there. What set me off was this picture of the unicorn. But for my very first paper cut I decided to go with the butterfly below.

I intend doing another one of the butterfly now that I have got a bit more used to using a blade. It was a very quiet slow procedure..but I have to say it was quicker than I thought it would be..despite the ever helpful cats that decided to sit by my side as I was cutting. What I really loved was that basically you take a piece of paper, a craft knife, cutting mat and you end up with something lovely. I am already thinking of designing my own...which I will share with you in the next couple of weeks. So I was really pleased with my unicorn but no doubt , as I get more used to doing it..I will improve.

I love the idea of trying new crafts and then of course you can include them with all your other crafting makes. There is a lot of talk in the crafting world of mixed media work and I think that paper cutting could easily be included with other work. I hope that you like the paper cutting. For next week I will be doing some stamping inspired by watching a television show. So until then...take care and happy crafting.

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