Monday, 15 June 2015

Design team makes featuring Joanna Sheen.

Hello everyone ...Genny here. Today for the design team, I have been lucky enough to work with this fabulous cdrom from Joanna Sheen. It is called 'One Summers Day' and features the fabulous artwork of Barbara Mock.

For today's cards I decided to go with the idea of making cards for gardening ladies. The good weather has most of my friends out in their gardens, up to their knees in compost and seedlings. Myself I have 4 trees planted..a pear, an apple, a plum and a cherry. They are already showing signs of new growth. I also had some herbs given to me by a friend, and they seem to be doing well. So with all this in mind, I thought I would make these cards, ready if I decided to send a note to a friend.

I thought that they were both quite similar but both had different goodies on the shelves. Both the images and the backing paper are from the cd but not together if you know what I mean. I was having a look through the cd and found these different backing paper and thought I would use these. I often scan through my cds and find backing papers for a project which does not necessarily need the image that joins it. Sometimes when I stamp an image, I quite often need a backing paper and will look through my cds until I find something suitable. On both these cards, I have done the decoupage which is on the sheet you print out. Also another thing I tend to do is create a border using the same card that I've used as a backing card. I embellished both my cards using flowers from my stash.

As I've said many times, my crafting cdroms have created a library of images and backing papers, that I use on a daily basis. If you would like this cd or any number of embellishments, please get in touch with Julie. She really does have an aladdins cave of crafting goodies. So until next week...I hope that the weather stays fine and we can all spend a little times out of doors. Take care and happy crafting

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