Monday, 2 December 2013

The Rachelle Anne Miller Collection

Good afternoon everyone ..Genny here. Today I'm lucky enough to be working with the Rachelle Anne Miller collection again. There is really so much on these cds, I'm having a wonderful time. For a start I thought as last week I made a girlie card..this time I thought I would make a card for the little boys. One of the really nice things on this cd is the fact that they have ready made large (8x8) toppers. This is really unusual for a cd. They also have the inserts to match every design and cover most sizes of matching envelopes as well. All I have added to the card is some peeloffs and jewels. As well as the topper there is a wide selection of greeting circles so you can personalize it even more.
Another great feature is the party bags. These are so easy to make and will save you loads of money if you have a party to organise.

Above is the girlie one...made to match last weeks card. And below is the boys one to match todays card. Each bag prints out on 2 A4 sheets of paper and then it's ust a matter of cutting out and gluing. You could also print the inside with a backing paper of your choice by ust printing on the reverse of the bag template. All I have added is a tag to match each bag...ust to add a bit more sparkle. The bags are a good size..easily big enough to hold a piece of cake.a small toy and some sweets. I was shocked to see how much party bags are to buy in the highstreet this really is worth considering. far I have only used 2 of the images...I'm really excited about what's coming next. If you would like to add this to your own cd library, then please contact Julie here at jb crafting supplies.
I hope that all your christmas preparations are going well. I'm still up to my knees in glitter but I can feel the excitement rising. So until next week..take care and happy crafting...Genny.

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