Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Bebunni Christmas from Crafters Companion

Hello everyone..Genny here. Are you lost in the middle of your christmas crafting? I feel as if I'm knee deep in glitter and holly And all my animals are wearing a lot of twinkle. My cats insist in sitting next to me as I'm glittering and end up getting covered.

Today I'm sharing images from the Christmas Bebunni cdrom from Crafters Companion. I used the original Bebunni cdrom quite a lot and was excited to see the chrismas one. There are some fabulous images on the cd and so much more. Design sets, backing papers, borders..the list is endless. The cd is really easy to use. To me the most important thing when buying a cd is the images.I like to buy cds that I can see myself using for more than one christmas. I think that the images on this cd could be used for many years to come..they are cute but not over the top and they have a timeless quality about them

What I've tried to do with this collection of cards is to make them of a size that means that they can be posted with a normal stamp. They are 5x7 in size. Postage costs that much these days and christmas is probably the one time that you will send off such a large number of often the cost of postage has to be considered.

 What I've yet to do is to put my embellishments on to the cards. I will do that tomorrow, to share with you how I make the decisions on what to decorate with.I will also have to bear in mind it the height of the decorations that I use.To keep within postal regulations, the whole card and decoration can be no thicker than 5mm. I've found that it sometimes can be difficult to stay within that range.

On the cards themselves, I have glittered each topper to add that necessary sparkle. I just couldn't help

So I will back tomorrow to share the decoration process. The reason I'm going to to do is that I've had lots of messages and conversations about how I decide to decorate. It seems that lots of people can get to this point on a card but then don't know what to do. I thought that it would be fun to share my process with you all. So until tomorrow...take care and happy crafting.

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