Thursday, 27 November 2014

Bebunni Christmas part 2

Hello everyone..Genny here. As promised yesterday..I have now embellished two of the cards that I created yesterday. What many people had been asking about was how I decided to embellish a card. They said that they got to a point where the image and the backing paper were ready on the card...then they hit a brick wall. Even though they had lots of stash..they didn't know where to go next. While I accept that everyone has different ideas what they like to do, different styles that they like..when the blank card is front of you sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. I can only tell you what I do. There are a couple of things that I take into account. First is the question is that if the card is meant to go through an opening for the post office to fit a normal size stamp. If it does then I know that it has to go through a 5mm slot. So no large embellishments..look for thin embellishments..die cuts are great for this. As the size was a factor on both these cards, I have used diecuts to embellish both. As I said yesterday I have glittered both images..which add a little sparkle. It really isworth in investing in a small number of dies. I am very hard with myself over this...there are just so many fantastic dies out there and yes I could use them all but I have to step back and think could I use it more than a couple of times. I have seen a number of great car dies..but I don't make that many cards that involve as much as I love them I won't be adding them to my book of dies. What I did buy was a set of cog dies..I can use them on car, lorry, train, bicycle cards as well as any steam punk cards. Last year I even made a christmas tree just out of layered cogs. It is always worth bearing in mind peeloffs..they can always add a little something without adding too much height. Over the years they seem to have gone a little out of fashion but I always ignore fashions in the crafting world and always go with what I like. I always have border peeloffs in my stash and butterflies. My other tip is to lookat the image that you're working with and try to pick up some thing from there. For the top card I used snowflakes because in the image it's snowing but I've also used snowflakes in the card below but have turned them into a type of decoration. I've added red jewels in the snowflakes to tie in his red hat and the heart in the image.

I hope that this has helped a little. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to get in touch So until next time...take care and happy crafting.

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