Monday, 16 June 2014

Halcyan Days from Crafters Companon

 Hello everyone..Genny here. Sometimes when you are on a design team you get to work with a product that in the normal run of things, you wouldn't pick because you think (wrongly) that it wouldn't suit your crafting style or necessarily inspire you. How wrong was I. I absolutely love this cdrom from Crafters Companion. There is something so very nostalgic about all the images on this cd and once I started crafting with it...I just couldn't stop. As you will notice over the next few Above is one of my favourite images... the hare. I'm calling it a hare because of it's long ears. As most of you know I live in the countryside and this has a very 'country' feel to it. I love the gingham papers and they will always come into use in all your other crafting. I'm thinking of using this image for a picture in my kitchen.
 All of the images on this cdrom are of the work of textile artist Abigail Mill. As I've said the images have a very nostalgic feel, very whimsical and calm. There is not one image on this cd that I couldn't use. There are also lots of images of beach huts and seaside views. Pictures that make me think of childhood holidays and lazy summer days. My head is still so full of ideas that I aim to share with you all.
 These four cards are my first selection and are really easy cards to make. I have mounted the image onto a toning cardstock and then I embellished with fabric based flowers and different braids from my stash. If you are in need of embellishments please get in touch with Julie here at jb-crafting supplies. A lot of the ones that I have used come from Julies shop. There really is something magical about this cd and it is the perfect excuse to get out all your braids, ribbons, lace and flowers. The imagery of the sewing is so good it feels so right to add the texture that the flowers and ribbons bring.
I have to say that this cd has inspired me to get out my sewing machine as well.The images are made using layers of fabrics and lace,defined by the use of freehand machine embroidery. If you have any questions about any of the cards that I have made..please get in touch. I hope that this cd will inspire you as much as it has me. So until next time..take care and happy crafting.

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