Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Vintage floral 6x6 mock up (dt post)

Good Morning all!

Today I have created a card mock up using the Vintage Floral cd! Its a little different for me in one way but in another it is not.

I am a graphic designer so I tend to work on the computer quite a bit. My printer decided to be a little temperamental this week so I used one of my design programs to show you what I would have done had it been working properly!

I used 2 of the papers from the set which I 'cut' to create a paper pieced background. Originally I had 3 but in the end it looked much better with these 2. While your patterns can be of any sort for this, it works best if you use complimentary colours. And by that I mean colours that look well together :). The good thing about this CD is that all of the patterns come in several colours and all of which really work well with each other so this wasn't a hard task.

Then I had a look at the sentiments provided. In this instance I didn't really have a particular occasion in mind so I purely went on visual here. I decided on a banner which would stand out from the background.

Lastly, I chose a ribbon border. The card was looking quite plain to me so I wanted to add just a tad bit more without going overboard. I played around with the placement a little which ended up on the left side and I 'tucked' my sentiment banner underneath it.
I hope you like my little mock up card! This could be printed up as is or each of the elements could be printed separately and put together.

Happy Crafting!

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